Axces Production is part of the Dutch group AXCES B.V., which designs and manufactures complete industrial exhaust systems.

Our offer includes mainly exhaust silencers, industrial silencers, spark arrestors, steel chimneys, devices for reduction of exhaust emission. In addition, we also make steel constructions, hoppers, tanks, silos and pressure equipment.

In Poland there is an office and it's own production plant where all your orders are processed. Other technical and commercial offices of our group are located in the Netherlands and Singapore.

We have catalog products but mainly adapt our solutions to customer requirements regarding noise, exhaust gas resistance and dimensions. We offer the shortest possible implementation time and high quality performance, as evidenced by the rights and certificates of our plant.

Thanks to many years of experience and a wide database of companies with whom we cooperate, our products reach and are recognized on the markets all around the world.

We carry out single and serial orders, both small and large.